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Top Reasons to Buy Contact Lenses from your Eye Doctor

We want to provide you with information about contacts that are affordable and best for your eye health.

we know you would prefer Sam's or Costco's but here's something you need to know...


1. You are guaranteed to get the correct lenses in the correct parameters.

2. You are guaranteed to get unexpired lenses.

3. If you have a defective lens, we will replace it free of charge.

4. We will check your vision through your new lenses, free of charge.

5. If your lenses are not performing properly, we can correct the problem more easily.

6. You can exchange unopened boxes in new condition at your yearly visit as long as they are not expired or package is NOT written on.

7. Our prices are competitive with most mail-order companies.

8. Shipping is Free when you order an annual supply, rebate also included.

9. You will be getting the lenses from an authorized distributor of the brand you wear.

10. You will have the satisfaction of supporting a local business that cares about you and your eyes!

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