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When Should I Take My Child to a Vision Center?

 Many people don’t know when to begin making appointments for their children to see an eye doctor. At Pike Road Family Eye Care, our goal is to educate patients on proper practices that focus on providing the best eye care possible. The American Optometric Association recommends having your child see an optometrist at the following stages:


6 to 12 Months Old: An infant should receive his or her first eye exam between the ages of 6 and 12 months even if no eye or vision problems are apparent. Things that the optometrist will test for include: excessive or unequal amounts of nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism; eye movement ability; and eye health problems. These problems are not common, but it is important to identify children who have them at this young age. Vision development and eye health problems are easier to correct if treatment begins early.


3 and 5 Years Old:

Your child’s eyes should be checked before starting school and school-related activities. Any issues can be treated before their learning is affected. According to the American Public Health Association, about 10% of preschoolers have eye or vision problems. However, children this age generally will not voice complaints about their eyes. Parents should watch for signs that may indicate a vision problem including: Sitting close to the TV or holding a book too close; Squinting; Tilting their head; Frequently rubbing their eyes; Short attention span for the child's age; Turning of an eye in or out; Sensitivity to light; Difficulty with eye-hand-body coordination when playing ball or bike riding; Avoiding coloring activities, puzzles and other detailed activities.


Ages 5+ Annually: A complete, comprehensive eye exam should be given annually during the school years to ensure that learning is not hampered by a vision related problem.  


It takes a special type of person to give children the type of care they require, and I believe God has blessed me with the gifts of compassion, patience, and ability to work well with children.  I enjoy cooking, riding horses, playing with my two nieces, reading, playing softball, being outside on beautiful Alabama days, and watching college football. Roll Tide!!! I also love to help with the children's' activities at my church such as vacation bible school.  By far my favorite thing to do is help people. I get the greatest joy from knowing that I contributed to another person's life and helped them in some way big or small.


-Nicki Hill



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