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Similar to the polycarbonate lenses, trivex also provide impact and chemical resistance. However, they are ultra light weight and may actually provide better results than  polycarbonate lens for certain people. Trivex is the best material for most rimless frames.


These are a great option for people who are often in situations where their glasses may be broken, including children. These impact-resistant lenses also provide UV protection. This is the most common lens material used today.


These were designed for patients who have strong prescriptions, which can cause the lenses to be very thick. This technology allows the lens to stay relatively thin, while providing the exact amount of power needed. Thinner, lighter high-index lenses are especially recommended if you have a strong eyeglass prescription for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.


Polarized lenses block specific types of light that can cause discomfort and blinding glare when outdoors. They also provide maximum UV protection without reducing outdoor visual acuity. Due to the large variety of sunglass frame and polarized lens combinations, we can help you find the correct lens in a frame style that right for your lifestyle.



If you don’t want to carry around an extra set of prescription sunglasses, these are the answer for you! They change from a clear lens to a tinted lens when exposed to sunlight. Ask about the many options that are now available in sun-sensing lenses. We will assist in finding the right option for you.


Also known as "No Line Bifocals," progressive addition lenses were first developed in the 1950s but have recently undergone a revolution in manufacturing. These new lenses are sometimes called "Digital" or "Free Form" lenses and are customized to the patient each time they are made. This technique has virtually eliminated unwanted distortion, and it has also greatly increased the usable computer and reading areas of the lenses. At Nicki Hill Optometry all of our progressive lenses are modern "Digital" designs.


All Hoya & Crizal Lenses include a 2 year warranty for scratches! You get a 1 time replacement at no charge!


We are proud providers of the following premium quality lens products:

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Essilor USA -

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